Nandini Bapat is an actress and comic book writer, currently located in Los Angeles, CA.

Headshot 1Recently, she was on Scream Queens (episode 2×04) in Chanel-o-Ween! She also recently guest-starred on a podcast discussing Doctor Who (clips on the Press Page) and appeared in the episode “Fiduciary Duties” from Silicon Valley on HBO! She’s also currently working on a short film project titled Sunday Night Slaughters, directed and written by Edward Payson.

Nandini released her first comic, Eco-Warrior #1, in spring 2015. Free downloadable copies are available under the “Writing Projects” tab.

In addition, Nandini is an avid reader and musician, a UC Davis Alum, and has a Master’s degree from the University of La Verne. She takes an interest in animals and wildlife and loves to travel whenever she has the chance. In her spare time, Nandini writes Fantasy/Science Fiction/Young Adult book reviews on her blog, The World of Fantasiaya.

Lots of new and exciting projects will be posted soon on this website, so don’t forget to subscribe. Check out her IMDb Page to see what projects she’s been working on recently. Or, Like Nandini’s Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter to keep up with the latest buzz!


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